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What's included

floor plans

  • Door and window sizes

  • Complete and accurate dimensions

  • Room labels and interior room sizes

  • Electrical layout (lights, plugs & switches only) except where otherwise noted.

  • Code-related notes

  • Building section markers

  • General notes covering code requirements for residential construction

What's included

foundation & Framing plans

  • All foundation wall & footing sizes

  • Floor & deck joist type, spacing & direction

  • All post & beam locations

  • Complete & accurate dimensions

  • Building section markers

What's included


  • Material labels

  • Floor-to-floor heights

  • Roof slope indicators

What's included

Building Sections

  • Floor joist type and spacing

  • Floor-to-floor heights

  • Non-typical plate heights indicated

  • Beam connections and locations

What's included

Typical Wall Sections

  • Labels indicating wall construction

  • Foundation wall thickness and minimum reinforcing

  • House insulation type and rating

What's included

Roof Plan

  • Roof slope indicators

  • Gutter & Downspout locations.

  • Roof Materials.

What's included

Window and Door Schedule

  • Door and Window sizes

  • Window SHGC and U values

  • Window & Door Notes

  • Window & Door Details

  • Window & Door Types

What's included

Thermal Plans

  • Insulation R-Values

  • New Conditioned & Unconditioned Space

  • Thermal Notation

What's NOT Included

What's NOT Included

  • Locations of actual ductwork for heating and air conditioning

  • Drawings showing the actual plumbing pipe sizes and locations

  • Electrical wiring and panel diagrams

  • Professional stamps

  • Location-specific engineering

  • Site plan & septic design

  • Unlimited license to build more than once (unless otherwise noted).

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