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Construction Documents are the drawings that are required which allow a builder or contractor to construct your project.  Feel free to browse and take a look at some of our completed projects.


Project Scope:

A one story addition on the rear of the home.

An opening was created at the back wall of the existing home so that a new expanded kitchen and sun-room could be added.


The Office Park is definitely designed to impress and judging by the reactions of visitors, it manages to do just that. Our design made sure to provide easy access to handicapped visitors all while maintaining a regal and majestic feel. We encourage you to come see this masterpiece whenever you get the chance.

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We designed our Truss Bridge Project project with a modern, clean look that is both practical and inspirational. The Truss Bridge Project offers a unique and enjoyable experience suited to every visitor, no matter their age. ATECT Architecture was inspired by the region’s architecture and natural environment and our team decided to base the design of the project on those elements.

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